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OPTICAL Component



• Optical system optimization

• Optimized reflector 

• Lens

An efficient, reliable, and cost-effective lighting system requires more than the best lighting-class LEDs. Another critical and fundamental part of a luminaire is an optical system. The optical system together with LED performance is responsible for luminaire efficacy and light performance level of the luminaire. 

Optimizing of the luminaire performance is achievable only through appropriate optical parts – reflector, diffuser, and lenses. Each type of optical part has its own specification and is suitable for different uses.

To achieve optimum light distribution, the reflector which is implemented in our LED modular system, is made of highly reflective material. In some models design lens increases light concentration and refraction capacity as well.

We collaborating with extensive manufacturers to assure that optical parts will perform as specified by engineers.

Spectral and Luminance Analyze

• Luminaire Optimization

When designing an optical system for under development product, it is essential to know the specified levels of Parameters like. Light Output Rate (LOR) and type of light distribution from the design team. This should be including knowledge of the luminance, CRI, and CCT of the light source to assure the

selected optical system meet specified requirements and needs.

The sophisticated software enables us to analyze the proposed optical system for light performance and achievable spectral and Luminance. Based on analyzing result we will able to optimize the proposed optical system to meet or even exceed the design requirement.

• Beam angle

The reflector should provide the consistent quality of Light Output Ratio by controlling and minimizing the loss of light.

The type of the luminaire for light distribution will define the range of beam angle that should be selected which presents the various beam angles:

- Spot beam up to 18º

- Medium beam up to 27º

- Flood beam up to 40º

- Wide beam up to 60º

• Mixing the lights

Mixing lights are needed to reduce flux in-homogeneity and color variance of COB.

• Diffusing light

Diffusing the light is needed to fill the space between the LEDs or make ambient lighting. The highest efficiency achieves when the diffusers placed on top of the reflector.



• Goniophoto meter

(Measurement of the light emitted from an object at different angles)

• Luminance meter

(The device to measure the luminance in a particular direction and with a particular solid angle)

• Luminance analyzer

spectral radiance measurement instrument which can realize photometric, colorimetric and radiometric measurement. It not only meets the high requirement of laboratory measurement, but also is applicable for on-site measurement

• Lux meter

Device to measure luminous flux per unit area.

• Spectrometer

An instrument used for measuring wavelengths of light

• Integration sphere

to measure the transmittance and reflectance of a light sample At the Lab, the measurements act as vital building blocks of a product’s development. We have all the necessary devices in-house and our engineers are skilled and experienced in their use.