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Luminaire Design and Customized Solutions 




In point of fact, Luminaire design is combination of science and art to make the luminaire which create aesthetic pleasure unique shape and meet the required technical specification. The design relies on combination of specific scientific principles, established standard and aesthetic factors. 

HSI lighting is lighting manufacturer with design facilities. Our design department start designing and developing the luminaries over the last 6 years. 

HSI lighting established based on developing the creative idea and manufacturing the Luminaries which satisfy the client aesthetically and technically. Our design team constantly develop the new luminaries and products to enlarge the product range and present the new lighting solution based on client /market requirements.

The quality of the products, luminaries’ high performance and efficiency, manufacturing consistency and minimizing the production time, recognizing the demand of the market, easy installation and low maintenance system and controlling the final cost are all important factors which are taken to concentration for all of the HSI products in design and production procedures.