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We provide efficient LED Control System and its Programing as per the project or clients' requirement and we extend our service using following Dimming Controls.
  "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface" (DALI)


In lighting Industry Stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. The DALI protocol for lighting control provides 256 levels of brightness between Complete off and 100%,  of Lights brightness which is translated to a power level via a logarithmic dimming curve. This curve gives larger increments in brightness at high dimming levels and smaller increments at low dimming levels. Lighting scene control is a feature of this Dimming down to around 1% is possible using this type of dimming control, as well as lighting control. In below Images by using DALI we have conducted different dimming DALI scene setting. Each mode can be saved and recall up-on demand for respective DALI setting. 

lighting control with dali
lighting control with dali
lighting control with dali
lighting control with dali

It Stands for Digital Multiplex and is a standard for digital communication networks that was originally intended as a standardized method for controlling light dimmers for stage lighting and effects.

DMX has also expanded to uses in non-theatrical interior and architectural lighting, being the primary method for linking controllers (such as a lighting console) to dimmers and intelligent lights. Recently, wireless DMX adapters have become popular especially in architectural lighting installations where cable lengths can be lengthy. DMX should allow you to dim almost to extinction.

1-10V dimming

It is basically an analogue dimming protocol which is one of the earliest and simplest electronic lighting control signalling systems. Simply put, the control signal is a DC voltage that varies between 1 & 10. The controlled lighting should scale its output so that at 10 V, the controlled light should be at 100% of its potential output, and at 1V it should at 10% output. Distance from dimmer is one of main challenges in using 1-10V dimming solution. 1-10V dimming requires like above mentioned method additional two wires to run the signal along the mains power cable cable.

Which One is The Best :
Basically there is no straight forward recommendation for smart lighting solutions. In HSI lighting we mainly advise clients to review the project and give proposal along with evaluation of best component for desired application.
Please contact us  Lights@hsilighting.co.uk  for further information and free consultancy  on choosing which dimming protocol to install as well as wiring advice. 
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