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Concept Design-lighting Products development




Product Design

• receiving client/designer brief

• define lighting requirements

• define design goals

• case study

• initial design and research of components

• cost estimation

• product design

• visualizing the design

• product optimization

• providing prototype

Design a new luminaire or improving existing one could be started because of our team recognize need of the market or for increasing and upgrading the product range with considering the latest available technology or improved component.

The first step in any project is deciding to which direction to go and define the product requirement. The LED luminaire must meet or exceed the lighting requirements for the target application. Therefore, the lighting requirements must be defined before establishing the design goals. Power and light output are most critical requirement of a luminaries. These include the definition our or client requirement from final product.

When the lighting requirements defined, the design goals for the LED luminaire can be set. the critical design goals will be related to light output and power consumption. 

Requirements will lead different ideas how to meet the defined needs and goals and design of product at the end.

All of the parties including engineers, designers, technicians, sale team work in close cooperation to design successful product in terms of technically and economically. 

In case of costume made design our teal will work close with clients and get them fully involved in all of design stages.

As a fact the product design is really critical process that covers all the pre-production process and lead to a functional prototype.

The final concept design will be visualized by latest available software to assure about physical appearance of final product. And providing the prototype takes this experience to final stage. The physical model of each design provide us the chance of right assessment and evaluation of designed product.