Special Customized Design on LED Architectural Lights, LED Interior Lighting, Retail Lighting, Led Track Lights  

HSI Lighting 

office lighting , 60x60 panel lights

120x60 led panel lights Dubai
60x60 panel lights UAE
Saso certified products

High efficiency LED panel lights 

Power: 39W, 78W

Light Efficacy: 120lm/W

CCT: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

CRI: >83

Dimmable Option: Available

Finishing:  Aluminum

Beam Angle: Wide

Color: Aluminum

Application: Indoor

Nominal Size : 60x120 or 60x60 

  recommend Backlit fixture to combine with panel lights in order to obtain lower UGR value for comfortable office lighting , for more information please contact us 

led square down lights Dubai