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HSI Lighting , Reliable lighting solutions in the UAE

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We are a lighting solution provider company with associated offices in the UAE and Spain. Our mission is to develop and produce high quality lighting products especially in the field of LED and we keep Trying to provided alternative lighting solutions for mainly office lighting and shop lighting   as well as show case lighting  , our products such as LED strips and 60x60 panel lights , LED track lights  ensure safety, reliability, and value for users, to achieve this, our company relies on the personal commitment, experience, and skills of everyone in the organization working within a management system which satisfies all of the relevant requirements.

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HSI LIGHTING is a technical oriented lighting company established In 2008, our organization took the name HSI extracted from “HUE, Saturation, Intensity” which is engaged with all visible substance in the planed in recognition of its new identity as an association that represent both companies and professionals working in the lighting industry , we developed our products according to the market requirements and designers wish considering all technical points .  

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lighting control system ,  one of the challenges that in the project clients are facing is the selection of proper lighting control system , the  system that controling LED strips not necesarly is suitable to control a 50W led down light , our team with ighly-experienced hardware design engineers are available to design and build high performance and reliable systems. Such support includes the provision of reference designs, detailed device and system design rules, design reviews and general advices. 

we co-operate with similar professional firms for Mechanical Engineering and Optical design during practicing of lighting development process .


HSI Consist of some  professional focused on serving company in the following areas: meeting latest norms, environmental affairs, energy efficiency affairs,  lighting products development and after sales service.

The UAE Al- Mutlaq lighting is our authorized and active dealer with experience of handling considerable number of project mostly in shop lighting and architectural lighting   including fashion jewelry , restaurants , residential ,hotels and office.
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  High CRI Chips; in shop lighting it is very important to show the products in such way to the customer which believe its real color of the product , it should not be dull of flashy ,